Watch "Slava" of the USSR

Section dedicated to the legendary watch of Slava USSR, we collect for You the best watches of this and other brands, to buy watches of the USSR, new and in good condition quite a difficult task, You can always manage it through our online store. Price (cost) for male and female models hours the glory of the USSR are quite affordable, the quality is high. Watch the glory of the USSR was produced as in the mechanical version of the mechanism, and a quartz or mechanical movement with automatic winding. The number of stones in hours varies depending on the model: 17 jewel, 21 jewel movement, 26 jewels, 27 jewels. Regarding the cover of the building was used as chrome-plated and gold-plated clock. We don't use editors in processing and try to give You the most detailed pictures hours Glory - as made in the USSR and Russia (early).